Ray’s Grill

Ray’s Grill | 8502 FM 359, Fulshear | (281) 533-0099 | Tue.-Thu. 5:00p-9:30p | Fri.-Sat. 11:00a-3:00p & 5:00p-10:00p | Sun. Brunch 10:30a-3:00p

Welcome to the accidental restaurant review.  We recently headed out one rainy Sunday afternoon to try Dekker’s Mesquite Grill in Fulshear, which I had read about in the Fort Bend Focus.  We were seated right away, but waited for 25 minutes at our table and no one ever looked in our direction, much less came to serve on us.  We were hungry and frustrated, so we left.  But we needed some food pronto!  Thanks to the nifty Bing feature in my new car, we realized that Ray’s Grill was literally just around the corner.  So we thought we’d give it a try since I had heard good things about it.

The Place

Ray’s Grill is located in the quaint little town of Fulshear.  It was about a 40-minute drive (in the rain) from our house in Missouri City.  There are lots of windows and lots of natural light streaming in.  There is a bar area off to the left of the door, and the dining room occupies the remainder of the relatively small space.  We were there on a Sunday, when Ray’s is serving brunch, so the buffet was also taking up some space in the dining room.

After our disappointing experience at Dekker’s, we were so pleased to receive a warm welcome and prompt, friendly service at Ray’s.

The Food

The Sunday brunch set up makes for tight quarters in the buffet area, so I had trouble getting pictures of everything without completely impeding the progress of others in line.  At the far end of the restaurant was the breakfast table, where there were pancakes, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, and made-to-order omelets.  Staying with the breakfasty foods, the buffet also had trays of bagels, pastries and sweet things like monkey bread (YUM!), as well as a variety of fresh fruit.

Breakfast breads


For the “unch” part of brunch, there were a couple of green salads with additional toppings and dressings on the side.  There was also pasta salad, couscous, and potato salad.  Entrees and sides were a sweet and sour chicken dish with veggies, pork loin, fresh tuna, mac and cheese, sauteed vegetables, and carving stations with lamb and roast beef.

Salad toppings

Hot entrees

Everything I tried was delicious, and the roast beef, in particular, was well seasoned and not overcooked.  I enjoyed that there was so much fresh fruit, and the assorted salads were all good.  The kids were each able to find something they liked — these two boys love breakfast, so biscuits, pancakes and eggs were a big hit.

The very best part, though, was dessert!  There were a number of choices, including a big chafing dish full of flan, as well as bite-sized cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, and other sweets.  There were even little fruit parfaits topped with whipped cream and sprinkles!  I actually really loved this because it made eating fruit feel more fun.  I mean, don’t sprinkles make everything more fun?

Cute little cheesecakes

Dessert table

My super fun parfait!

Final Thoughts

The only really negative thing I have to say is that the Sunday brunch is a tad expensive for what it is.  The price is $25 for adults and $12.50 for kids.  The selections were all good, but not nearly as extensive as some place like The Burning Pear.

With that said, the quality of the food here is a step above your typical buffet food.  I am very much looking forward to coming back to Ray’s to try their regular menu.  They have complimentary wine tastings and live jazz music on Thursday nights.  I’m thinking that Thursday is a good night to give dinner at Ray’s Grill a try!

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